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Activities while on a Charter


Whether this is your frist charter or not, you are probably aware that in the British Virgin Islands you can be engaged in many activities aboard your yacht charter or ashore.

Depending on your mood, while sailing in the British Virgin Islands, you can enjoy:

Total Relaxation: You just feel it is the right time to do NOTHING! Just enjoy being aboard your favorite boat in the BVI’s and take the opportunity to receive excellent pampering service by your own crew. If you wish you can hire your private masseuse who is going to offer you and your guests relaxing massages every day! Your crew will also make amazing cocktails for the whole group while you do some sunbathing on the upper deck of your vessel! Or maybe you wish to read your favorite books, or play some card games with your friends while your phones will be finally shut down and you are going to be completely away from your everyday busy lifestyle!


Nightlife: The British Virgin islands offer some nice places for clubbing. Your captain will bring you to local clubs and bars with live happy music where you can have quality time and will be able to also try some Caribbean exotic drinks! Locals love dancing and singing… it is certain it will be fun. Don’t miss it!


Activities ashore: The British Virgin Islands offer a variety of activities ashore. From shopping at local markets to dining, to clubbing, horseriding, hiking, sight seeing, golfing, visiting luxurious resorts etc. Don’t miss to try the local cocktails and taste the wonderful seafood in the area!


Water sports’ activities: Maybe you have chosen a vessel that offers ping on board. A lot of yachts of all sizes, from monohulls to large motor yachts and catamarans have ping equipment aboard and their captain holds an instructor’s license. Diving in the BVI is a memorable experience as there are lots of coral reefs, wrecks in some areas and rich underwater life! The underwater surroundings are outstanding! If your boat does not have ping equipment, your captain can take you to a ping resort where you can rent all you need for ping and have an instructor with you while underwater. Other water activities you can enjoy while you are on a yacht charter in the BVI’s are snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, windsurfing, waterskiing and many others!


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